The Other Diary
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2002-09-06 19:02:52 (UTC)

my psycho english teacher.

I just want to punch this lady smack in the kisser.
Seriously. Apparently her 8 years of over analyzing poetry
with other asswipes in coffee shops has given her a license
to insist that everyone can become a magnificent writer.
Hello lady.... not everyone can write a fucking sonnet or a
fucking narrative and have it be something that other
people would ever want to read. She thinks writing is a
gift. I just gag when I look at her and her stupid elvis
costello glasses. I don't want to write some bullshit
freewrite then have 4 stupid people try and anaylze it. I
don't give a shit about what anyone has to say about my
writing except the damn person who's gonna grade that shit.
lemme know how you grade - I'll fucking accomodate HOW
Now that I'm done venting about that. Scott just called
me, we talk for about 5 minutes then he pauses and yells in
a whiny tone that he's hungry. Apparently on his last
delivery he smoked out with the hungry bunch who orderd
pizza from his store. So now I have to think about what
he's said and how much of it was even slightly reliable as
clearly he was stoned. Silly scott.

I get to see brad tomorrow =)

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