Reality Bites
2002-09-06 18:58:08 (UTC)

10 pounds off-20 to go

I lost 10 pounds actually 9.5, but basically 10. It's not
great, but a definate improvement. 20 more off and I'll be
happy. Everyone says how nuts I am and that 20 more would
make me look gross, but they dont know! They're lying
anyways. Yesterday Luke was great at school, I love him so
much!! I didnt have school today which was sweet. I hung
out with Reese and Jessica yesterday we went and hung out
with their boyfriends and their friends from another
school. I met some cool guys who wanted my # but no, I
really wanna play this thing with Luke out and see how it
goes ya know? Then I had practice and we got evaluated to
see who can stay on the squad and who can' a final
cut. It sucks for the people who devoted all summer to it
and then end up not getting to cheer. I made it:) I was so
happy. I love those girls so much. Tonight there's a dance
and I'm excited. Luke and I are either meeting at Jesse's
house (wierd but I wanna get ready w/ a bunch of girls b4
and Kate's having it so duh Jesse lives their too) or I'm
picking him up at his house, I dont know yet. He had a
bunch of guys over last night so I didnt talk to him-plus I
got home at like 1 anyways. I saw him after his practice,
him and his friends were watching us dance at
practice...haha good times. I gotta go clean the house so
my mom will give me the credit card so I can shop! later!