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2001-07-20 20:16:44 (UTC)

Wednesday 7-18-01

Hello again,

Readers, am doing okay. I have been staying at my
boyfriends house for a while. I am a little disappointed at
myself for not cleaning their house more I think my boyfirend and I
had a big fight. Last night something big happened and knowone
believed me just believed his brother. So I wanted to go talk to my
bf's brothers and he wouldn't let me when I walked over to his
brothers bedroom door, he walked in behind me to get a blanket out of
the closet and then I wanted to stay, so I could talk to his brother
he told me "go" but I didn't move, he told me "go" again, so I went
and sat on my bf's bed. As I did, my bf turned out the lights and I
sat on the bed crying, I just sat there as he layed down and went to
sleep. I waited a few minutes for him to get tired and then I got up
and crept through the hall out to the living room where I slept till
4:00a.m. When my bf woke up he realized I wasn't there he checked the
bedroom his parents were sleeping in and I wasn't in there, then went
to the living room and found me sleeping on the couch, woke me up and
walked me to the bedroom. He acted like he was suppose to feel sorry.
He clung on to me all night, well morning. I felt so secure. Having
my boyfriends arms around me as I slept until he got up to take a
shower and left to work with his dad, and left me there not feeling
anything just to lay half tired half awake, not knowing what to do
either take a shower and get up and go eat, or sleep until I could
sleep no more, and thats exactly what did so I didnt have to face
reality of cleaning anything, so I jumped on here. But I will let you
all go because reading something that gets longer and longer and
longer just sucks. So I am going to end this now. Good- bye

good luck readers

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