Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-06 17:19:22 (UTC)

A rockstar day

I like days like yesterday. I woke up and spent the morning
doing band work online then got ready and left the house
and ran errands which took me about 3 hours. Then went to
Ben's and loaded up and then went to Matt Goldman's studio
where he asked me to add some vocals to a friend of his'
album. And then got pizza and went to the masquerade and I
played 2 good shows 1st with Ebenezer, and then with
Pacifico. We even played a song with our shirts off(we are
dorks). Anywho then we went downstairs and danced the night
away it was great. Then I talked to a friend from the New
England area on the phone on the way home and then ate some
chicken casorole and went to bed at 4am. That was my
rockstar day.