The Rainy Day
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2002-09-06 17:13:21 (UTC)

so yeah yesturday sucked... i..

so yeah yesturday sucked... i doubt that anyone even knows
that this is still here... but yeah, so i am not your
friend anymore well it's nice of you to tell your roommate
that and for me to hear it from her. I have never been so
enraged in my life. i always thought of myself as a
peaceful person but that was the first time i ever wanted
to strangle the life out of anyone, let alone a girl. I
feel so horrible for even thinking that but at the same
time she deserves it. but then no one deserves to die.
and then i would be sad well kinda the stupid bitch. yeah
that's right i guess i am not even sure what i am saying
and if it even makes sense. Right now my eyes are closed
as I type just because i don't want to see what i am typing
or i just don't even know so please forgive me if i
misspell any words. ummm yeah, it was crappy yesturday the
bitch hung uppp on me twice saying that she was sleeping at
like noon or something her time and i was like whatever so
i called back and then she hung up on me again and fuck it
all i will no longer sit back and take all the shit people
give me for anything unless they are my superiors, then i
guess i have to. but anyone else no fucking way. so fuck
all of you that might read this and fuck her too. unless i
sent you an email on the six of september 2002. ha you
will know i will know i have gone insane i would hate to
fuck something up for myself in being hateful. i apologize
to all those who deserve to be apologized to and then i
wish nevermind i am done i have written enough.