My BFL story
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2001-07-20 19:36:35 (UTC)

Day 41

Wow! Who KNEW I would make it this far. Tomorrow is my 6
week point, halfway there! I've had a good eating week,
but missed a cardio. This weekend I will rededicate and
write goals for my next 6 weeks.
Total, I have lost 10 pounds. I am now 125. The weight I
was when I visited San Diego last June. Now I plan to lose
10 more by the end of this challenge.
I'm finally coming out of my funk. I don't know what it
was, but I am still disappointed that I missed a workout
this week. All because my treadmill crapped out, so did I,
how sad! But from now on, I will be going TO the 24 hour
fitness, not downstairs. Going downstairs sets me up for
My friend is doing BFL with me and it's really inspiring.
She just completed Week One! Yahoo!
So I will write my new goals here on Sunday. I'm going
back down to 5 meals, hopefully it won't exhaust me like
the first time.
I've decided that it will take me two challenges to reach
my goals. My ultimate goal is a lean 110. I have an
awesome success coach who is ending her second challenge
and she is doing great. THANKS MARY!!
See you soon Diary.

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