Dirty Fractyl
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2002-09-06 13:19:49 (UTC)


Well, it is early here still, 9am. I've been awake since
2am of Thursday morning, but I feel fine for the most part.

I'm trying to get an idea of which projects I need to work
on today, or which to start...etc....

I guess I will make a list and wait for one to jump off the
page. Then I will go out on the front porch to work on
it? Yeah!

1) Change Dynamics- Really, I need to get to the printer
at BCC and begin work on untyped sections.

2) Quad/Pentalinear systematic Econ- work on typing up
the premises, principles, & theorems

3) begin reading self helf book entitled "Overcoming Self-
Behaving Behavior"


Not one of those three sounds appealing right now. When I
see it I see:

1) TYPE. Wait till I get to BCC tonight. Also, use
Masters book to see if there is information about random
sequencing principles w.r.t. natural systems that share
similar properties in dimensions x,y,z

/////////////2) Enhance graphical projection system;
constitute proportionalities &/or competitive correlative
effects; establishment of system plot///////////////////
Finally, re-establish a new system (min: 25) and new
locuses (approx 5) for second system and daily logging of

Q: stick with the same 5 companies that I found that are
nailing it or start from scratch again?

Q2: should i do the opposite and play bull this time with
how poorly the market is doing?

Q3: does it make a bit of f**king difference when I am
investing fake money??!

3) I figure I'll read this on the way to see my brother up
at FSU.

Side note on that FSU thing: I better get to see
Cristina!!! :undisclosed emotion: ;)

Tidbit of wisdom about women:
It only takes one to ruin your confidence, but it only
takes one to give it back to you, too.

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