Oh,The Insanity
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2002-09-06 13:06:35 (UTC)


today I made the mistake of going to the high school. One
reason was to get forms from the school nurse about my
medical records, but mainly, I just wanted to see adam. I
guess he had a fight with his dad or something cuz he was
pissed off. I dunno, I'm not mad at him, cuz it's not
really his fault, ya know? But I miss him and he's right,
that hurts. Tonite I'm hanging out with Corinne. And he's
going to Alicia's birthday party. heh, corinne and I
should go like she did to corinne's no invite, just show
up. that would be mean tho and I dont' want that.
Actually, I really don't care about Alicia, I mean, she's
not an important part of my life, so what do I care whether
she's happy or not?
I'm going to go have lunch with my mom
Love always,
Ps- I'm thinking about moving to rochester...starting over,
new life new friends. The only people I'd really keep
contact with are Adam (cuz he lives up there) and the
people who can handle me being happy