Nick's Journal
2002-09-06 12:59:34 (UTC)

September 6th, 2002

So here I am, I said I'd write almost every day, and well
I sorta did. It's one year later, and dear God life has
changed. I don't now why i started this diary, well i do,
it's cos i asked mark for a link to his and then just
jumped on the bandwagon. I thank god every day of my life
that i started it 5 days before september 11th. i don't
even want to know how many journals popped up then.
Atleast this was made out of intentions other than to
commemorate something horrible.
So here we are one year later. i coudl go on and on and
get nostalgic about certain entries, and try to make sense
out of some, but hey, I know what the reader wants, so
here we go:
Yesterday I was sitting out in front of Owens waiting for
John to go lift (who didn't show up!!!). and here are
some observations I made.
There was a fat chinese guy wiht a shirt that said "I
agree with Dave", and I just thought to myself that it
should read "I agree with being a fat chink." - it made
me chuckle at the time.
The i was sitting there and these two eastern european
looking people were jabbering on and on in swahili or
whatever those "humans" speak. I swear i thought that
english was the main language of this country!
Next I saw a kid with a Dukes of Hazard T-shirt and
realized that i direly need one of those shirts.
Then I noticed that most of the freshmen guys look like
they're 5 years old. SEriously, this one boy walked by me
and he looked like he had just fallen out of his mother's
womb, it's like he was draggin his umbilical cord with him.
Next, I realized soemthing that's really fucking annoying.
I like to call them "conversations on the fly". You know
what i mean. Those conversations where you see someone,
and you say "hi, how are you doing" and they're dumb
enough to start a convo, when all you want to do is keep
on walking. So in the end you're carrying on a mini-convo
as you'e walking away from the guy, at the end always
inevitably shouting "call me/ im me". Here's a tip, next
time some moron actuallyl starts a convo on the fly, nail
him in the face. That's the only remedy.
Next I started grouping the girls into 3 levels. Below
average, average, above average. I was quite surprised
with how many below averages i got. then i started
thinking about this guy i know that can get any girl he long as she's average. so then ryan and i
hypothesized that it's the law of large numbers (empirical
rule), with so many average looking girls at his disposal
he's bound to get an outlier, or atleast aim for the upper
last but not least we have the nerd group. these two goth
chicks ran into each other, and actually smiled and
started talking, what i noticed though once the third nerd
(a skinny white guy with an afro) was that these "people"
were so overly enthusaistic about seeing each other. it
led me to conclude that this WAS the circle of friends.
oh well.
anyhow, i'im glad i'm still writing, i'm glad the worlds
still around, and i hope you all keep on reading.