Bipolar - Fucked up
2001-07-20 19:11:30 (UTC)

little sisters in deep shit

shiela, my supposed to be best friend pisses me off so
much. my sisters in deep shit, shes been sneaking out with
our friend and these older guys for the longest time and
she finally got caught last night. she was so fucked up
when she got home at like 5:00. my parents were pissed as
fuck, shes gonna be grounded for a long ass time. plus
while she was gone last night my parents found 2 big empty
bottles of vodka in her room and drugs, and my moms
threating to tell her probation officer who is a bitch, i
should know since she was mine, to have her sent to rehab.
but all its really gonna do is have her locked up, and i
got locked up and ate it, but im a lot tougher than her. i
can handle myself. she thinks she can but she cant. shes
tiny, she goes there shell get broke, and problem is there
is nothing that i can do to get myself locked up in juvi
cause judge said next time i get locked in jail not juvi,
even though im not 18 yet. i dont know what to do with her.
i try to look out for her, cause shes like the same exact
way as me, but she doesnt fuckin listen.and i have to
fuckin here it from my mom, like its my fault. like i
taught her to be that way. well im gonna go exercise some,
and go running. i'll be back on later. peace