Mysterious Attitude
2001-07-20 17:57:24 (UTC)

Friday July 20,2001

*Time: 12:50 pm... hehe thats right baby I its early for
me... I have been up since like 9am...
*Wearing: My silk bear and heart PJ's still
*Jewelry: Tha usual
*Hair: down
*Listenin to : David snoring lol such a lovely sound...
*Eating/Drinkin: salad/strawberry and banana juice
*Song of the day : It's Gonna Be Me-N'Sync
*Weather: Its sunny and hot out
*Talking to : Kelly
*Mood: Happy as hell
*Thinking: Hehe I think Kelly is trying to turn my ass
on... lol

Hehe whatcha know... I'm actually up before 3pm... yay for
me!! I slept pretty well last night... and when I woke up I
felt so good!!! Hehe and as u can see I'm on a diet now...
I'm starting today... So I'm not eating no more meat.. and
I'm going to cut down drinking pop I wanna lose sum
weight... so a little later I gotta do my exercises... I
feel that its time for me to get my life back on track... cuz within
the last year or so it has fallen off track... I need to take time
and think bout what I want to do with my life... U know what I want
to study in college... figure out if I should deal with Jack's crap,
and see if Andria could maybe talk to her guy friend bout helping me
make my own cd... I'm going to start to write my own songs and
everything... I want to make it big in my life... I don't want to be
no bum on the street....


Hehe... well I have been talking to Kelly since I woke up... and she
was tellin me how her mom was teasing her bout me... lol cuz I guess
her mom thinks we r going out or sumthing... but I was like at least
my mom ain't the only one to think that... and ohh yeah tell your mom
hi... and Kelly told me that her mom wanted to ask me when me and
Kelly's first date was going to be... and I was like umm very good
question... to bad I dunno how to answer it.... So I said Kelly maybe
u can answer it cuz i dunno.. and she was like umm.. I dunno either..
I was like ok... well I'll ask my mom if me and her could take a
vaction to come down there... and she was like yay yay yay!!! lol...
I was like I'm being serious.. and she goes yeah so am I... hehe So
then I asked Kelly what her mom was sayin... and she told me that her
mom said that she was going to be makin the wedding plans... I was
like omg... lol and I was like well Kelly tell her that u can wear
the dress and I will wear the tux... and Kelly was like aww I get to
wear the dress... I was like yep and I'll wear a nice white tux and
whatever other color that would look good... lol and she was like
actually... I think a lepoard print tux would be nice... I was like u
know what I think it would be 2... lol hehe I tell u that was a weird
ass talk we were having... but u know what I wouldn't mind going on a
date with Kelly I really wouldn't... but anywho then Kelly had to go
cuz her mom wanted her to go sumwhere... so we said our goodbyes and
love u's.... and she signed off... well like 20 minutes later she
signed back on... and I was like hey what's up... and she goes... oh
I'm just sitting here naked cuz I'm getting ready and stuff... I was
like omg no she just didn't tell me that... after she knows I like
her already... lol that was wrong... its not fair cuz I couldn't see
her :( All I said when she told me that was :::smiles::: lol... and
she was like I see that u liked that... I was like umm maybe... lol
and she was like ohh my lil mouse is being shy now... I was like hehe
umm I can't help it... she asked me what I was thinking bout... and I
was nothing... and she was like I know your lying... but I will take
that as an answer for now... I was like.. hehe ok what do u think I'm
thinking bout? She was like I dunno.... lol but she knew that I had
to be thinking bout her being naked I mean damn... hehe omg I had all
kinds of thoughts running through my mind... but she was like hehe
your a bad gurl... I was like why do u say that? She was like cuz
your never shy... at least not with me.. and when u try to act
innocent your really being naughty... well she said sumthing like
that... I was like damn she really does know me well doesn't she...
lol Well then she got kicked... and got back on a few minutes
later... so I IMed her and said hi!!!!... lol and she was like hi!!
lol and I said whatcha up to? and she goes I'm playin lol... I was
like playin what? and she was like with myself.... I was like omg
what is she tryin to do give my ass a heartattack... lol she knew
what I was thinking... lol but she was like nah I'm still getting
ready... I was like ok... and then her mom had to use the phone...so
she had to go :( I tell ya... she was turning me on... hehe damn why
can't I like live next to her and John... omg I would be in heaven...

~~~Bobby tha one from Pal Talk~~~

Hehe ohh yeah I also talked to Bobby today and I should be reciving
a 4 page letter from him... hehe so I can't wait till it gets here!!
I'll let u know what he writes to me :)

~~~~That's All Hele's Bout to Dip~~~~

Well thats bout all for right now... hehe I'm all turned on right
now... so I think I'm bout to call Jack so he can help me with my
problem.... hehe it's really to bad that I don't have Kelly's number
cuz I would call her... hehe but anywho bye bye 4 now