It smells like poop over here
2002-09-06 05:21:28 (UTC)

gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government

die for your government, that's shit. i don't know what
they say, but after like 2 lines, justin sane yells, "FUCK
YOU!" anti-flag fuckin rocks.
once again, i was reading up on this girl, louisa. i
went back to when she first started writing. she was
talking about her senior year in high school. i started to
think about mine. mine was fucked up. i don't really
remember how it started, but i know i was becoming better
friends with nick and rich. we started to backyard that
year. started just before the winter. i became good friends
with those guys, because dave was going out with katie
marndarino (we used to call her katie mandarinoranges). he
was totally whipped by that girl. i also started to become
friends with joe h. and giulia. and of course, i always
hung out with joe g., dean, kate and vanessa.
as katie and dave's relationship was dying down,
after barely seeing him all of the final year of the "four
best years of my life", i started to go out with mandrea.
bitch. nick and rich started to go after their dreams. the
started to train, and i got a g/f. fuck that. why didn't i
start to wrestle? cause i was a fucking pussy that wanted
to please his g/f in any fucking was possible cause she was
my first g/f. i spend every god damn day with her. i was so
whipped. i started to look a lot of friends, nick, rich,
dave, vanessa, dean, joe, giulia, joe, kate and the list
goes on. most of them have forgiven me....actually, all of
them did. but im not really friends with kate anymore, or
joe h., and giulia have quite the fighting history.
i think im getting my life on track now. wait, no im
not. i have it on A track, but im trying to jump to a
different train. im trying to quit algers, move to east
lansing, go to LCC or MSU, get a new job, find a place to
live, getting MY OWN car. i want to start my own life, by
myself. i want to become independent. fuck you mom.
i keep getting distracted by AIM, im out.