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2002-09-06 04:17:55 (UTC)


i like to cry. it fixes things for me. i don't know what it is.
i'm frustrated right now. i don't know what to do about
this latin correspondence course i want to take. i don't
even know if i can take it. i don't want to spend $700,
though. plus, there is the a-wing trip this year. i am so
broke. i want money but i never want to work. i don't feel
like anyone is supporting me here. i want to prove them
wrong. i want them to know that i am not about to just
give up. i want this. i will get this. counselors are no help. and i
ask my mom and
all of a sudden it's all about money.

i went to the gay-straight alliance meeting today. it
makes me wonder. where do i stand? does it matter? i
wish i knew, i think it would make things easier. but i
don't think i could let anyone know.

my b-day is coming up. (2mos 9 days) i wanted it to
leave forever. for it to never ever come back.
i think everything would be easier if i could cry...

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