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2001-07-20 17:17:44 (UTC)

To my future children

I write this note to the children that I presume I will one
day adopt. I want to let them know how much I love them. I
want them to know how excited I am to cook their favorite
snack, or read their favorite story. I am esp. awaiting the
time when I make them a bubbly bubble bath. I would like to
tell my children that it doesn't matter if we don't look
the same, inside my heart beats blood and love and that's
all that matters. I want to sing to my babies their
favorite Disney songs every nite if they'd like. I want
them to know that in any hour of the nite they can wake me
up if they are scared, so that I can check for creatures in
the closet. I want to spin my son or daughter by their arms
in the park and afterwards I wanna buy them a popsicle...or
a hotdog if that's what they fancy...I want to lay by my
baby at nite and watch him breath with the reasurrance that
his mama loves him. I want to give my children the same
love that my mama gave me and I want them to know they are