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2002-09-06 03:30:08 (UTC)

Pebble in the Pond...

Yea, thats the title of my regular column with my schools
paper. boi do I feel special, a reg column, being an editor
for the third year in a row (WOOOOO ESV) getting to ready
horrible poetry on a monthly basis..WEE for me!

hmm wot else is new?
ive been organizing a trip for 7 to the ACP convention in
orlando...basically, the college is gonna pay for some of
the newspaper people to go down to orlando to "learn" about
'paper stuff....right, learning...uh huh anyhow, its gonna
be fairly cheap. just under $5000 i believe.

lets see, wot else, hmm yesterday i didnt have a job, today
i have two. now im trying to decide on which one i want.
option A pays less but is a bit more fun and can offer me
more hours, option B pays more, is a more relaxed enviroment
and is fairly confused but will prolly take A over B.

a funny tidbit tho...
my cousin has been feeling sick all day and thought it was
from the salad my grandmother gave her. well, later on in
the day my cuzin imed me and told me she found one of my
nana's fake nails in the salad...oh well..thats my family
for ya.