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2002-09-06 03:15:16 (UTC)

Contemplative Day

I've been very quiet today. Just thinking. Hoping that
someone would ask me what I was thinking. But nobody did.
Still with that wanting people to read my mind thing. Take
my word for it, it doesn't work.

I've realized that the stuff that I do tell people at work
usually have to do with my brother. It's strange. He is
probably the best friend that I have here. A 14 year old
boy. How lovely.

I read a book called Shop Girl by Steve Martin. Yes, that
Steve Martin. Not a humorous book at all. Interesting
however. About the girl behind the glove counter at the
Neiman Marcus in L.A. I read the book because someone else
had read it and said that she reminded them of me. So I
had to read the book. It's a rather short story of love
and fragility and loss. It's interesting to see how
someone else views me. Am I really that fragile? That
naive? She has a bit more positive outlook on life than I
do I think. We are definitely polar opposites in the
physical descriptions. Except we both have very pale,
creamy skin. There were definately parts that I identified
with, the depression, the want, the longing, the hope. I
would like to hear what that other person who read it
first thought.

I had another thought today about a fun job. An editor for
a publishing company. Preferable in the fiction
department. I thought this because there were parts of the
book (Shop Girl) that I would have edited, and some that I
would have edited out. Maybe I'll look into that....