Jena's Rants
2001-07-20 17:06:47 (UTC)

One World Cafe!!

Went to eat lunch with my Mexicano Amigo at one world cafe
and I saw the Boy Genious there and J-Bo too!!! The Boy
Genious was stuck on me, you could tell. It was painfully
obvious. I hope he has a good life in Cali and gets over
his abuses. J-Bo is working hardcore. Apparently the
other bike messengers have all gone to Budapest and he has
lots to do and couldn't find Hugh St. I have no idea where
it is, I hope he found it. I miss me Hoppy!!! I hope his
day is going well. Jena will be out of the office on
Moanday and Tuesday so that she can be involved in an evil
outside project that may very well lead to the destruction
of any amount of sanity I may have had left. I am scared.
Oh well, such is life. I must email King Herbage and make
sure he is still up for the weekend. Goodies all is going
good, let's keep it this way.