crackheads thoughts
2002-09-06 01:48:33 (UTC)

there's not a jealous bone in my body!!....yeah right

well, im gonna post if people like it or not. My family
makes me so mad....there just so stupid..there doing stuff
to the family that they said they would never do!! All I
know is that something is pose to happen soon and im not
saying what. Casey and Ashley are just so happy that kyle
is having to stay another month in that place..and then
prolly when he turns 18 he will be in jail....GOSH!! PEOPLE
ARE SO DUMB!!! I wanted to hit casey so hard...but casey's
gonna get whats coming to her....or so i
heard.....................on the other hand.. im talking to
brandon again...or what ever ya want to call it..:P but
then again he's still going with "HOLLY" but its just like
he said "things take time and you never know what will
happen in the future" but the whole brandon thing is all
kool. Its like I told you brandon....i'll always love
you.......well, gots to go...your pose to call me anytime
now....peace love & WAR!!


like i said there aint a JEALOUS BONE in my BODY!! now how
many believe

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