2001-07-20 16:03:17 (UTC)

conFuSed Part II im so stupid~~~!!~ n nuts~~ n i dunnooo
jezz once..plzz forget bout himM~~~ ur ujian setara is
n u dun study a how am i gonna pass physics n
add math ?
piare call him wif d no tht i stole frm my daddy's add book
hp no such a stealer
n then she said..hello..can i speak to .... ?
n then the guy over there replied tht he is sleeping
then piare said oh..nvm i'll call him later

then d 2nd time....a women
n then she said he still sleeping
haha.....thx god~~

okok..should i call him or what?
dun answer tht ...i know i must make d 1st move
yeah making d 1st move/ tht will b joke of d week
hahha a shy grrl...n everytime i talk wif guyzz
i must blush or something
then how am i seposs3d 2 make d 1st move

ive got 3 or 4 ambition for this year ~
1st is i wanna layered my hair~ which is suceed already Lol
2nd is 2 get rid of my pimples...haha...its half suceed
3rd is 2 lose weight ~ hahha
n 4rd is
2 hav a bf
ok loh.......gtg
i'll see ya later