A Princess
2001-07-20 15:54:06 (UTC)


Okay well I found out that James cheated on me at the cinema
with hayley so I dumped him, grrrr I HATE ALL MEN!!! He's so
nasty I mean why have cotton when you can have silk? Anywayz
Ice sk8in tonite,muhahaha only going cos kevin is, hes funny
and and and get this he was like its gonna be rubbish if you
dont come which soudns like a compliment to me considering
he usually calls me a pycho,lol. Tim said hes only going if
Im going,lol miss popularity ;) I got a A- in English which
is bad :( whats the minus for grrrr okay ive got this
problem I keep putting e's after everything and ive just had
to go delete them all,lol...freaky anywayz lata :)

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