Jess's Journal
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2002-09-06 00:45:00 (UTC)

ok yeah

The Center Of Happiness

The center of happiness
revolves around you
in you
beside you
It's in your heart
your mind
your soul
Choose your destiny
take a pick
where will you end up
with the one you love
with a dream house
or a dream car
or a dream life
living like stars
or maybe on a star
what makes your clock tick
material things
have you always been truthful
do you think before you act
love before you think
take chances
live life to it's fullest
been a true friend
that's when happiness is most important
in the way you make people feel

copyright jessica crawford

i am happy guys..i truly am...i know i was down for like a
couple of days but u don't know how incredibly happy i am
at this moment. :)