My skitzoid Wife
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2001-07-20 15:02:58 (UTC)

skitzoid 7/20/01

Well Iam at work and trying to plan out my weekend and how
I can go out with Barb without D finding out. I plan to
tell her Iam going to the ball game but actually I plan to
go to the movies with Barb and hopefully sex afterward. One
might say that Iam cheating on my wife but I feel that
anyone else would have left years ago, but I stay for now
until my daughter gets out of high school. Thank God she
has only a few years left before she graduates. Our car
insurance is over 2,200 dollars a year due to the fact that
D wrecks the car so much. I think she should quit driving
but that would be difficult to make her stop voluntary. The
state evaluates her driving ability every year but they
dont really know what the truth is but this year might to
give it up if I talk to the Dr. and explain the situation.

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