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2002-09-05 22:52:29 (UTC)

Thursday September 5

Well today i woke up and was supposed to go to work. But
when i got there aparently there is a bunch of paper
work.. Oh well. nothing special has happend so far today.
I am writing a stupid paper about "sacrifices for
achievement".. hopefully my first big.. F. Anyways. So i
guess thursday is playing in worcester next friday and
sara and i want to go pretty bad.. So that should be
pretty nice. Wow i really have nothing to say.. this is a
first ill add to this later.. hopefully something will
come up!

Ok so im back. After a long talk with a certain Daniel Cahill I have
come to the realization that people suck! Seriously! But i set him
up on a hot date so yeah know.. hehe. anyways.. Today was pretty
boring. I had english and psych lab. The lab was so easy it was
pathetic... Tonight i basically just did a shit load of homework..
it was so necesary..

And oh yea, i got a call from this wicked cool kid! and i am
supposed to hang out with him tomarrow night. Hopefully that will be

Oh and BTW.. what causes people to play basketball in their dorm
room at 12 at night. I mean i might have to go up and talk to these
fucks. Cause i keep taking the broom and smacking it on the ceiling
and denting it... Fred was missing, but luckily He bit me and i
found him... lucky me.

ps- feel free to send me messages.. but leave your name so i can
respond to them as you deserve. if you want to say something go for
it, i welcome a oncoming opinion, but id like a shot at answering
your questions.. which is not possible without your name and/or
email adress.. Thank you!

*talk to you tomarrow*