My Life
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2001-07-20 14:38:49 (UTC)


OMG! Zack is grounded for, well, i don't know, but there
is good news! Zack's mom told him that she doesn't care if
he talks to me anymore. And she told him that she likes
me! OMG! That is so freaky! Anywayz....I called him da
other night at like 8:10 and his dad answered and he
goes, "He can't talk after 8, why can't you get that
through your f*ckin head" I go, fag and hung up. Zack said
that his mom heard what his dad said that it pissed her off
really bad! That's good. Well, Zack's dad got in his face
and started yelling at him, and Zack goes, if you get in my
face like that again, I'm going to break your f*ckin nose.
And later that day, Zack's dad got in his face and he goes,
if you're gonna break my nose, do it now. Zack pushed him
out of his way and walked away. *sigh* I think that's the
reason he is grounded, but o well. lol..He can't talk until
August 1 :( I don't know how I am going to live without
talking to him! AHH! *freaking out* Zack and I are
supposed to go somewhere tomorrow. I hope his mom will let
him. :-D
Well, I'm tired of typing now.
Love alwayz,
Amber Goss
~*Zack's Gurl*~