Amy's Wacky Life Story
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2002-09-05 22:13:05 (UTC)

Have you ever heard of...WACKYNESS?!

Intro: I'm new at a school....where there's alot of
different people..black, asian, arabic and stuff. I'm one
of the 9 white girls of the school..I like this black
dude..but I'm scared that he might not like me..because I'm


So, yeah, my day starts normally. I went to my bus stop,
waited..while listening to some sweet ass music. This cute
guy, Alex, waits with me..I mean, he waits for the bus
there too...but anyway, the bus (Big yellow bus, not
SHORT...) came AND our stupid new bus driver 'Monique' made
a new rule, like what the fuck?! 7 graders on the right, 8
graders on the left. She's crazy, I'm telling you..her hair
is always..all puffy..and she always says by to me, because
she wants me to be nice to her! As if..once, let's say, two
days ago, She got LOST. Totally lost, I'm tellin' ya...I
came home at 5:30 pm! When I was suppose to come at 3:45!
She is fuckin' slow...so, yeah, I went to talk to her and
said "Listen,I want to get home, because I have better
things to do than sit mah ass on this ghetto seat" This was
her reply "Get OUT of my bus young LADY!"

Me: "Fine bitch. I don't need this shit, you gettin' lost
all the time!"

Then she wouldn't open the door for me...

Me: "Open the door..."

Her: "No, no you're staying in here!" Laughs at the

Me: "Well, fuck it, I'll do whatever EVER I want in this

And for now on, I don't even sit, I eat in the bus, I throw
stuff at car and stuff. Wallahi, She HATES me. Sooo funny
because I bet she wishes that I wouldn't be waiting at the
bus stop in the morning..but anyway. So, yeah, the lil
freak, Monique picked up everyone, Amanda (Cool girl! You
rule Ananconda!!! =P) , Hodan (mah friend, love ya
Hodan!) , Fahmee (Real hottie!!) , Fahdima (The funniest
girl I've ever met!), Fais (Fahmee's brother), Attia (Dance
freak! Oooh yeah, you rule girl, you rule) and so on..OH!
And this cute dude..Eesham, he liiiiiikes me it's
obvious..he always argues when he wants to sit beside me.
Anyway!!!!! I'm not mentionning the little retards and
rejects...hmm, why not..Marc, Alex (yes yes, the cute dude,
he's a reject according to our gang) Camille (EWWW UGLY
GIRL!) Paul, Marc-Andrew...Sorry if I forgot some of you
freaks, but I still love you all XD LMAO. .......The day
went fast...I sat behind Fahmee and Fais on the way back at
school...Fahmee is hot...grrr! ..yeah, Fahmee is the guy I
like..but..anyway, er, I'm done, Fandill is suppose to call
me..(Fandill = A hottie that likes me [email protected][email protected])

Ok, so you won't be lost in my life, these are all my
friends. I have to go soon for that phone call so I'll make
it really short...

Angie: My closest cousin, we're like sisters.
Amanda (Ananconda) : A tall girl, white, that is like me,
she's a rocker chick, she LOVES causing trouble..
Hodan: Really nice girl, kind of chubby but that doesn't
count, she's still really nice.
Asha: OMG, This girl is EXTREMELY funny!
Fahdima: Funny too! Her expressions are hilarious...
Fahmee: A.Real.Hottie. (Do I need to say more?!)
Fais: Fahmee's younger brother, not cute, but really nice.
Farah: Lil Kim's twin I swear!

And more tomorrow of..Amy's wacky life story! ^___^

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