2001-07-20 14:17:57 (UTC)

Unholy sexual hell

OK, why is it that at the tender age of 24 I feel like sex
has lost all meaning? I had an amazing intimate life with
my girlfriend, but it degraded into a chore, and I began
looking other places. Now, the experiences I do seem to
have are for sheer physical gratification--- there's little
to no emotion ever involved. It's getting to the point
where I'm doubting if this is worth the effort. Don't get
me wrong, getting laid now and then is great for the self-
esteem, but (and I NEVER thought I'd say this) I really
feel like I'm losing interest... if anyone has any ideas,
feel free to expound-- my perspective is apparently too
skewed to be of any use.

I'm meeting up with Naked & Half-Cut tonight to hit the
gym, but the plans after that are a bit fuzzy... Naked has
a date with the Junior Miss of our state (who is 7 years
his junior-- sick!), and Half-Cut is headed out of town
tomorrow morning, so he's not headed out tonight...
Starfish has already called and invited me to her place for
dinner. I'll go, we'll drink, we'll definately play
around... and this may be the night I do her simply to get
her off my back about it... I know it's a bad idea, but I'm
thinking that if I fuck her and then fuck her over, she'll
go away. Any younger guys reading this take note (and take
heart)... is seems that once women hit that 30 year old
mark, they fall in love with getting laid! This is the 3rd
one that has fit the profile, and all of them are looney...
must be the biological clock (or the, "Oh, God. I'm over 30
and I'm not married." thing) going off in their heads....

Anybody got an idea how to straighten this out, read the 3
or 4 messages immediately prior to this one and give me
some feedback-- please!