Sammy's Life
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2002-09-05 21:26:16 (UTC)


OMIGOD! I frickin talked to EB! I never thought I could do
it, but I did. I am soo proud of myself. I told this story
lotz today lol. But anyway, what's one more time? Well he
usually arrives to school like 10 minutes after me so when
I got to school I went to my locker and then to homeroom.
Then I walked down the hall and went to the
bathroom...still no EB. I walked back to homeroom and I
talked to my friend Audrey for a bit. I walked back out
into the hall and he still wasnt there so I walked to the
cafeteria and back. He wasnt at his locker yet so I just
walked back to homeroom and was like screw it, I will just
talk to him when I see him in the hall. My friend Rachael
came into my hr to see if Audrey was there but she wasnt
so I walked back out in the hall with her. I saw EB
bending over at his locker. To make a long story short, I introduced
myself, asked him to wear his jersey, someone already had it so he
told me I can wear it next friday :-D...Then I held out my hand and
said nice to meet you. He grabbed it and said nice to meet you too.
And it wasnt just a blah hand shake...he was nice and firm and I
was like ohh baby I melted right then and there. I had to
crawl back to my homeroom (not really but it felt that
way) :oD . I am soo incredibly pathetic. Atleast I think I
am ...what do you think? Give me some feedback and be
honest please :-P