Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-07-20 13:01:08 (UTC)

Boston today

9AM- Yay, we're actually going to Boston. Ugh, Diana woke
me up at 8:30, and the train doesn't leave til 11. Why must
crazy people get up early! She's going to the gym. I cannot
move this early. Maybe I should go anyways and suprise
her. Or not. The only thing at the gym I do is the
stepmachine, so we should just buy one and put it in the
basement. I got $200 in tips from this week, woo hoo....
It's 80 out but I don't think I'll wear shorts. I never do.
But I'll probably regret it later. So then i'll just buy
some! I have to buy a camera, we never go anywhere, it will
be an experience. Ha. Ooo, I threw out my cigarettes last
night so that I would quit. But I am dying...
need a patch. Maybe if I drink alot of caffiene, that
addiction will make up for this one. *twitches*

SATC Quote of the Day- "Who cares what you are - just enjoy
it!" Samantha

I'm off to go make a pot of coffee, farewell...

2AM- Well, we actually went! It was so much fun. I spent so much
money. We went to the Hempest, I spent so much money just because
thats the best store. I bought a Hemp bag, a hemp purse, and a bowl.
Then I got the Dance Party Comp. cd because it had Moby, Pink, and
Dido on it, and then a pair of J.Crew sunglasses that were marked
down from $95 to $35 so I had to. We went to this vintage clothes
store. I wanted to find some vintage pants there but I only found a
pair of flapper shoes which I couldn't resist.

Then I went to see Legally Blond with Kelly when I got home, and
shit. I got Nelly Furtado's CD. I've always hated her first song, but
then I saw her in concert and now i'm obsessed. Her other songs are
so good, the cd is wicked. She has really pretty eyes in person. Ha.
It is quite late, I am going to go finish watching a movie with my
brother and then hit the pillows. I get to work tomorrow...goody....

Til tomorrow....

"Talking to the mirror again, but it's not listening
Cleaning my dirty mind like a toilet, but it won't give in
Drinking spirits in the hopes that I will find myself one,
But all I can rectify is that the PARTY'S JUST BEGUN"
-Nelly Furtado-