Jena's Rants
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2001-07-20 12:29:03 (UTC)

Mystics come in all shapes and sizes.

I know now why I am here, but it must remain a secret until
the grand unveiling. Sorry, but the velvet rope has a very
selective list of those that can see beyond before the time
has come. I am feeling so peaceful and contemplative
today. Hoppy has helped me a lot this week. I owe him big
time for like the next googleplex. Tonight is massive
nookie night, tomorrow is a trip to Gram's house, and then
we go to King Herbages house until Sunday.
May I mention that my system is oh so very clean. Sober
living is not that bad. It's nice to actually feel the
moment and experience all things in their pure form. I am
not capable of complaint today.
I am finding my temperance and this is good, because I was
feeling a fear that I may not have this attribute and may
not be capable of it at all. So, I dunno.......
I may be losing my edge, not the creative
one............the shitty attitude, the razor's edge.
I am not entirely sure if this is good or bad, but I feel
so good right now that I am going to enjoy it for a while
before I question it.