2002-09-05 18:26:45 (UTC)

"Going Back to Cali"

Hey, wassup? Nothing much here...I just got back from the
M-I-A! Baby, baby! I already miss it out there. I had a lot
of fun. I saw Fadi! But it wasn't like I thought it was
going to be, you know? I don't really like him anymore. But
his ass still needs to take me shopping! Haha. I met this
chick named Liz who is so cool! And I met my cousin's
girlfriend Shabourne. She was cool also.

The other day I went to Club Gotham with Lionel and a
couple of his cousins. Lionel and I were dancing the whole
night and he would kiss my neck...then the next thing I
know he turns me around and kisses me...I was just
thinking, "Oh my goodness!" You know I was happy, right?! I
ended up staying the night at his house, and he just held
me all night. We didn't really do anything, but we came
pretty close...you know I had to stop him. Ever since then
things have been kinda weird between us...it's like I get
shy around him. Nawmean, son?! But all of that is about to
end because life is too short.