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2002-09-05 14:37:48 (UTC)

Man Next Door

Man Next Door

Who do you think you are?
Don’t you know who I am?
I’m the man next door
Your brother but not your friend

But you deny me a common need
A few minutes of human decency
You must know no golden rule
Well, me, I have my dignity

I could stay in my room
And hide from all of you
But what would that prove
Except that I know how to lose

I could step outside and look to the sky
While you find ways to attack and embarrass me
But you don’t bother me at all and you wonder why?
Its because me, I am comfortable with me

And you are not comfortable with yourself
Displacement, your vomit, your throw up
And you are not comfortable with yourself
And what doesn’t kill me makes you grow up

patrick d. mccormick

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