Soulmates plus
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2001-07-20 09:06:44 (UTC)


The funniest thing happend, my oldest teen came home early.
He was supposed to be spending the night at a buddy's house
but since he was still awake and pacing him and another
buddy decided thier own beds were calling. So after a
breif stopover at the local hotdog shop. The only place
open in our one horse town at this time of the AM, he's
home. Now any other morning I probally would have just
continued snoring. Except the occasion for this particular
morning was that well Dad and I were up, ummm you know...
LOL we had finished and were just kinda snuggling in that
after glow when in comes the first born. He decides he's
going to plop in our water bed and settle in for the
remainder, LOL thats till he starts pondering why I'm
giggling and awake. LOL hysterical when it hits him and he
all but catapults from the bed. Needless to say we were
lucky the whole house wasen't wakend, hmmm but if Grandma
gives me the all knowing glare over coffee in a few hours!

It felt great to know that the oldest was embarresed to be
reminded that his parents still got that SWIng...