girl, interrupted
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2002-09-05 12:03:34 (UTC)

no mercy for the weak

No Mercy For The Weak?

You sit fixated, absorbing the horrors
Daily cursing the optic wires
Strategic defence, nuclear expense,
Death, disaster…
You admire the astonishing bravery,
The heroic exploits,
Another martyr’s grand goodbye…

But you are missing something

If only you could hear my very own cries,
The silence of screaming for a shivering past,
The desperation, the plea for love,
Lost amid sickness, endless delirium

Torrential tears cascade with the loneliness,
Gnawing at every uncertainty,
Red-hot tears flow down my arms,
The pain unseen suddenly becomes real

I strike the match to ignite relief,
Or dagger the blade to cut at the angst,
Punishing the outside so the inside will survive,
Anaesthesia for an abandoned child

What do I have to do for you to listen?
To notice? To care?

No mercy for the weak it seems.