Little Pook

SiGH exHaLES HeaRt
2001-07-20 06:41:02 (UTC)

It's That Voice....

Telling you go ahead~Take the pill
Angry and alone
All of the people around you lie
Every single muscle and bone in your body is tense
The only thing you want to do is sleep~A long quiet sleep
is all you really need
Just one more cigarette
Then you lay down~Close your eyes
But thoughts still fly through-in your mind~And you know
you can't cry
The ringing in your ears will get louder~And those voices
will help you remember that tomorrow is another day
But what they don't say is that it will be the same
Then the pill you regretfully took leaves you panicing and
delirous for the rest of the night
Dreaming of Luca~Knowing he'll never come for you
Shadows on your shoulder~Watching your expressions~
Listening to your heat beat
Wishing you had wings...
When day finially comes
Your body gives up
You sleep for a while