down in my eyes
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2002-09-05 04:15:26 (UTC)

I'm not korean enuff?

My dad called me in the afternoon, taday. His friend
Margaret, was suddenly sick, 'n needed a ride to the ER.
So i brought her. I was worried at first, but it
didn't turn out to be a huge emergency.
"I just feel like crap.." was the way Margaret put it.

While she was in the ER room getting her scans 'n
injections done, I was chillen out in the waiting room.
I was bored 'n restless, so... to entertain myself,
I mainly paced around, 'n gave myself a tour of
the hospital.

During one of my rounds of passing the front counter,
the head lady pointed at me-

lady: "...excuse me.. do u speak korean?"
me: "..me...?"
lady: "yes. do you speak korean?"
me: "... no. sorry.."
lady: "aren't you korean..?"
me: "ya. I am.."
lady: "but you don't speak it???"
me: "no,.. sorry."
lady: (*weird expression*) ... "ok...-"

..... an hour or so later.. I was sitting down, trying
to watch tv,.. but it didn't really work at keepen me
alert. I was nearly falling asleep on the chair, 'n
across from me, there was some little kid about 10yrs old-
who looked like he was ready to fall asleep, too. Somehow
we started talken, 'n we chatted until Margaret came out.

Before we left, the kid asked me if i'm Korean, 'n if i
speak it. I told him i am, but i dont know any korean.
Then he said that He Does-- since he's taking the language,
at his school. He then started sayen some korean words,..
'n even counted to 10! Woaah.

On the drive back home, Margaret kept teasing me about
how that little white boy was MORE korean.. than I Am!