sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-07-20 05:42:14 (UTC)

the boy i lost

iam single agian the man of my dreams found some other girl
that he loves more then me
:( but iam waiting agian for the right guy to pick me off
me feet (like that is ever going to happen ) well iam soo
happy iam going to the hoop with my friend b/c it's her
birthday and she is going to the hoop for her birthday and
iam going to her birthday soo iam happy that i can go and
my friend dan dan and alex and every body eles is staying
at her house
soo iam happy too well iam soo happy iam going to go to bed
too i can wake up cause i have to wake up early to go to
some church thing soo,peace

see all ya nigga's at the ~*~HOOP~*~ on friday