2001-01-17 06:00:53 (UTC)

fear controls me. as i wake up..

fear controls me. as i wake up and live my day by the
book. i am scared of being what everyone says i will
become and i do what i feel is necessary. do i really
need to be doing those things? am i going to amount to
nothing if i don't work a 9 to 5 or even follow a system?
what if all the clocks in my house are broken and i hate
time. i will amount to nothing because i am a failure, to
those whose clocks are set to the exact time everyone is
working on. is this the work of a rebel, not a rebel but
a free mind... a free spirit who has yet to see the
benefits of following a system and working well with
others. it is all within and i do not need to follow the
system. yet my feeling are tucked under a nice pillow as
i wake up and walk around like the rest of the zombies.
i am still a scared child listening to my mother. o
mother mother mother i will pay my taxes. i will vote for
your officials. i will let you listen in on my phone
conversations. i will shop at your malls and never amount
to what i am set out to do. i will fall into your trap
for you are my mother and i am obedient.