rundari's endless ranting
2001-07-20 05:33:00 (UTC)

All's well that ends well (yea right)

hey peoples,this is going to be another one of those entrys
where im bored and rambling.*jumps behind the cat and
scares the crap out of him* hehe,anyway it's
like,raining,lightning,thundering,you know,the whole
shebang,and one of my friends call.
k-what's that noise?
'dari-look outside.
k-oh.why are you outside?
'dari-*im outside in the storm as always* eh
k-you're gonna get struck by lightning.
'dari-cant wait.
k-you're a dumbass!
'dari-quoth the freak who calls one who is outdoors in a
'dari-*nods,then relizes she cant see her* Yea.
k-*laughs* you wierdo,i gotta go,laters.
'dari-*is confused* uhuh.*hangs up*
*shakes her head* i need some new friends. n-e-who,think
that should be all for this till next time,

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