Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-09-05 02:01:10 (UTC)

Artifical Spirituality

I visited our newly renovated and relocated local library
last night, and was awed by its new look--spacious, new
furniture, clean carpet, tons of computers, and separate
areas for the kids, people wanting to study, and those
wanting to browse... I came across a book while perusing
their bookstacks and checked it out, "The Age of Spiritual
Machines"... I just started reading, but already I am
appalled at what I am reading... He purports that machines
will far surpass our intellect in the next 20 years, and
soon develop a spiritual consciousness... Is this guy
nuts, crazy, stupid?! Why is he investing time and effort
in building something smarter than us??? Still, I can't
get over the feeling of what an idiot this man is, in
trying to create and promote something of this design...
Man, after I finish this book, I will soon write down all
my comments afterwards...

Again, man is stupid in trying to create artifical life

Spaghetti tastes exponentially better with jalapeno juice
poured over it...

Our brains (and thoughts) are overly complex...why try
mimicing it on a piece of hardware? Do you really want
your computer to be smarter than you???

I have spent nearly six months discovering what it is to be
human... To create an artificial brain with 'human'
qualities would be an abomination...! No history, no
drama, no bloodshed, just brute-force invention.

It is simple common-sense to know that any superior species
would try to take advantage of and exploit any less
superior group.....DUH!!!!!

Is this guy an IDIOT????!?!?!

I hope by the time that I finish reading this crap, it will
all actually be some sort of hyped up crap just to sell
books and make the minds of those 'lesser mortals'
go ', that would be neat.....yeah, cool...I'd like
a smarter robot in my house to tell me what to do....'

Sheesh....I seriously hope not........