Tay's thoughts
2002-09-05 01:40:34 (UTC)

am i awake?

well...i hope i can finish this entry before i completely
collapse into a miserble pile of sleep. Hows this for size,
i got about 20 minutes of sleep last night, woke up at 4,
went to practice, went to school, came home, studied for my
english, spanish, and history quiz. Practiced for the scale
test tomorrow..and found time to write this entry. You
think you're bein worked up. HAHAHhaha try MY schedule. On
top of modeling. *whew!* Anyways, i just found out that i
took six pages of notes for nothing, yes i AM a dumbass.
We cant even use are notes on this supposedly FREAKIN hard
test. And i think i'm failing spanish for some reason. I
got a terrible grade on my geometry quiz, AND i suck in
biology! So basically, for me- school is such a pain in the
ass...its not even funny...i dont see why that'd be funny
anyways but yeah. My dad is an idiot. i swear he's like one
of those kids who did nothin but smoke their brain cells
away back in high school. OHHH well. I'm not resortin to
that stuff, even though im terrible at my core classes..and
foreign languages, which im not going to need anyways
because im moving to mars when im older. Yeah our country
is like fixin to pop with all the foreigners coming in.
melting pot my ass. more like you take our jobs where stuck
on food stamps pot. or just plain we make good grades make
you look bad so u resort to pot pot. Oh god..my brain is
melting away as i speak...uh type..yeah...my fingers
freakin hurt...i have to go before i reaveal embarrasing
secrets here...

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