need guy advice
2001-07-20 05:12:05 (UTC)

advice on guys' intentions when they ask you out

I really don't know anything about guys, I have only kissed
one, and that is the guy I have been dating for almost a
year and a half now. I have some guys that are friends, and
some guys that aren't really friends, but that I have
become closer with recently. My boyfriend thinks that when
these guys are asking me to come to parties with them they
are just trying to get some, and I am really not trying to
sound naive, but I have no idea, they seem genuinely nice
with no thoughts about hooking up at all. So I don't know
if he is just being jealous, or if I am being totally
oblivious. (I am 17 and the two guys that have been calling
are juniors in college) David, my boyfriend, lives in LA,
and I live in St. Louis, so he is even more worried because
he isn't here to see what these guys are like. One of the
guys asked me to go to lunch with him, but has also invited
me to parties and stuff on Friday and Saturday nights. The
other one just asks me to go to movies and stuff. (These
guys don't know each other or go to the same college) So
should I not go anywhere with either of them? or should I
go to lunch, or is it all totally harmless?

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