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2002-09-05 01:04:49 (UTC)

antique's being dominated by school these days.
blah....i'm getting new interests in people...two to be
exact. stupid hormones.

anyways...sarah popped by today. she brought me a cluster
of oleander. haha....leave it to sarah to bring me oleander
as a gift. hehehe....she's crazy. she's so so beautiful too

my mom's gone again. she doens't know when she'll be coming
back. maybe after this weekend she said. but now that she's
got herself on morphine....i don't want her around. i don't
want her in this house. blah.
hey people, help me out here, what different ways can you
take morphine, is it just with a needle, or is there a
tablet or something? tell me please if you know. i'd really
like to know.


this has been an update brought to you by goober-o

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