My life
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2002-09-05 00:34:19 (UTC)

-¦-*.Stealing My Heart.*-¦-

O..M...G!!!!!!! I like Tim so much!!! I don't know why,
there is just something about that boy, ok this morning he
was the first person that I saw when i walked into the
cafeteria, i like saw him and thought i was about to die.
Then i was going to my first period and he was standing
with a group of people and was looking at me, i didn't look
at him, i mean i make him no that i like him but i dont
want him to think im obsessed or whatever. Anyways after
that class I was walking to find nick after i went to my
locker and Tim got in front of me and was like Hey girl and
grabbed my side AHHHH i thought i was about to die, and i
just kept seeing him, ive never been so happy in a day, in
along time!!! Well i have 7th period with him and he kept
looking at me and then after that i walked to eckerds and
tim walked with me and nick, i would have flirted with him
but his sister was with us and i felt stupid so I didn't.
And like i think he said somethign about me becuase i heard
his siter go "then why dont you talk to her Tim?" So i
tried to call Nick to find out. But he didn't answer,
grrr!!! God, i didn't think I could like someone so much
after Brant, I hope that this dosent go away, I mean i
still think about Brant, how can I not, i dont think a day
will go by that I won't think about him, but hey, Im moving
on!! Annie told me that she hasnt seen me smile so much
since Brant, But i dont know, I dont knwo if Tim likes me
or not because he really didn't talk to me all that much.
But we have so much in common..we hate our dads, were not
babtized, our fav color is baby blue, our fav movie is
THIS BOY IS GOOD FOR ME!! I had this dream last night that
he came over and we were in my room on my bed and we were
watching that, and he didnt try to do nething with me. just
laid there with me, i want to go otu with him so bad, but i
dont think its going to happen. things just dont go my way,
but i can try right? gg love ya

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