Little Pook

SiGH exHaLES HeaRt
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2001-07-20 04:51:53 (UTC)

My Blackest Eyes

Again my blackest eyes are open.
My mind will runaway to places i cannot.
There's no song that comforts.
To whom it may concern,
Somewhere in my ever beating soul...hopes
stir...wishes rise.There's a name that haunts my dreams.A
name that invades my every thought.I'm scared.
I'm Scared of knowing more.Scared of never knowing.
Click goes the pen.
Tick,tick,tick my brain is on
The pill said it would relax my body.
And so it did,so good it did.
*Juliana speaks*
"Little Girl i see you've taken your pill tonite.Your
hands are nice;i like the way you've painted us alive.Now
we can hear inside of your mind."
~~~~~~~Lonely,she sits at a window.~~~~~~~~
All of the monsters in my bed.
All of the shadows that follow me,mimic my every move.
Tonight they stopped in shock when they saw me cry.
They didn't know Little Girl was in so much pain.
I could scream so loud....send them all away.
But then i'd actually be alone.
I could cut myself deep.....