Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-09-05 00:29:45 (UTC)

More silly tests...

Your IQ score is 142

This number is the result of a formula based on how many
questions you answered correctly on Emode's Ultimate IQ

The even better news is that at Emode, we've taken your IQ
test one step further. During the test, you answered four
different types of questions — mathematical, visual-
spatial, linguistic and logical. We were able to analyze
how you did on each set of those questions, which allows us
to shed light on the way your brain uniquely functions.

At the same time, we compared your answers with others who
have taken the test, and according to the sorts of
questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual
Type is a Visionary Philosopher.

The first thing we can tell you about that is you're
equally good at mathematical and verbal tasks, and learn
best through experience. But that's just scratching the


Thank you for taking the test at

Your score and correct answers:
Your IQ Score is 151
You scored in the 96th Percentile.
Average Score: 118.40
Standard Deviation: 20


the Right Job for you will allow you to be:

Creative and Analytical

You're a visionary in many people's eyes — able to think
outside of the box to come up with your own solutions.
You're creative not necessarily in the artistic sense, but
because you can expand your mind to do things differently
from others.

It might take a while for colleagues to recognize and
reward for your entrepreneurial spirit and abilities. That
could be because they envy you, or because they find your
ideas slightly rebellious — willing to go against the

All in all, you make it hard for people to pigeon hole you.
That is why you, more than others, need a job that allows
you to play to your strengths, break out of the mold, and
truly excel.


you're an Observer!

Your personality is actually determined by two personality
sub-types — your primary, or dominant sub-type, and your
secondary sub-type. You are an Observer which means you are
a Discreet / Golden. Your primary sub-type is defined
by "Discreet" characteristics and your secondary sub-type
is defined by "Golden" characteristics.

That means you're even keel and don't care about drawing
attention to yourself. Chances are you're more than willing
to sit back and simply go with the flow. You're a born
mediator and get along in most situations by relying on
your unusually sensitive intuition.

You are an indispensable equalizer amongst the various
groups that comprise your life. You feel that the spotlight
and center stage were made for other people to act out
their fantasies.


you're a German Shepherd!

No bones, about it, you're a loyal, hard-working German
Shepherd. Dedicated and always low-maintenance, people
flock to you — they know they can count on you to get any
job done, and done well.


your theme song is My Way!

You're a straight-shooter with strong-willed resolve.
That's why Limp Bizkit's "My Way" is your theme song. When
you're at your best, you're holding court at the local
restaurant, or hitting the highway with friends for a road


your true color is Brown!

You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent
of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most
likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by
your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and
insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem


your inner rock star is Randy Travis!

Yup, there's no denying your inner rock star is Randy T.
Deep down you're as American as they come, enjoying life's
simple pleasures—a little laughing, a little loving. In
fact, when you're in love's embrace, you've been known to
toss out some syrupy lines or even carve your names on a