April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-09-04 23:53:01 (UTC)

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

I made it through the first day of school! And the second.
Yeeha. Haven't been assigned any home work yet, so thats
good. Been thinkin about Play lately...what else is new?! I
mailed his letter today. Oh yeah, i decided to write him a
letter, much more personal i think. So... I met two girls
so far, one in my French class, one in Acting. They're both
pretty cool, very young though. I hate being 18 and in
grade eleven...I feel so old. So I came up with another
poem, it's just a poem really. Doesn't have much
relevence...really, I swear...

Mind Games are all you about,
I was always wiping your mouth
cause shit be always fallen out.
Playin you behind ya back
the whole time you thought you were the mac...
oh please
leave him be
this tha type a niche i got down on his knees.
Baggin me and pleadin that i be straight up
when i be always changin the subject just by askin him to
my you a sucker
you saw me kissin her
you never thought i would f*ck her:P

Thats only some of it... the rest is to... well um bad. :P