feeling ignorant today?
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2001-07-20 04:29:45 (UTC)

taste the candy on my lips

well, well, well... i put my two weeks notice into my job
because ummm... i would probably be getting fired pretty
soon anyways. because i steal candy from work and my head
manager has caught on and she is checking the videotapes to
see who is doing it so i just said that i would quit so i
can still have some dignity. i have a list of 10 other
places that i will apply to this weekend. i'm bound to get
a job somewhere. i just printed out an application for "hot
topic" so when we get one here i can just turn it in on
like the first day and get hired. hopefully. i got a
postcard from urban today that said "although your skills
and experience are impressive we have decided to go with
someone that better suits our needs. however we will keep
your application on file and if in the future there are any
appropriate openings you will be notified." translation-
"you are too young. come back when you can reach the top

tonight i went out with anna and we saw "crazy/beautiful".
first we went to target and wondered around for a bit. we
got on the little tykes bikes and road around on them. it
was fun. then, we saw the movie. after that, we went
to "borders" and i listened to the tomb raider soundtrack
which has got some really awesome electronica and some nine
inch nails. i also listened to paul oakenfold and darren
emerson. then, we went downtown to jiffy treat. she got a
slurpy and i got some cookie dough ice cream. we walked to
the library and i thought about running through the
fountain, but i really wasn't in the mood to get wet. on
the way home we listened to some ani. i was singing really
loud. we also listened to some old school micheal jackson
with "billie jean" and "thriller". it was fun. anna's the

i'm wearing my pj's. i'm wearing one of kalob's shirts. one
of the three i have. it's warm. that's the only reason why
i didn't give it back. it's warm. he can't have it back now
anyway, it's mine. i'm tired. i have to get up at 9:00 in
the morning to go to work. *gag* i'm soooo happy i'm
quiting. after my last paycheck i'm going to get my hair
dyed pink. *hah* like gwen stefani's cause i'm just a big
poseur and the only reason i'm dying my hair pink is
because i want her to like me. although i'll probably never
meet her.

there were these really cute guys at the movie theater last
night. *hot* i don't know why i like stupid little punk
kids so much. *i love skater guys*. that's a sticker i have
on my guitar and it's so true!

(real hard)