things that make you go mmmm
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2001-07-20 03:57:54 (UTC)

July 19, 2001

"I'm falling down, down to the ground, feel like a king
that's lost everything, I'm falling down. Will you catch
me, cause I'm falling?"

Gavin is coming in Saturday!! I am so excited. House
sitting was fun, but I am definitely glad to be back in my
warm bed and under my nice fluffy down comforter. I got to
be a face model for Mary Kay today, that was fun, no money
but lots of free makeup, which is cool. I have to work
again tomorrow, I mean I like my job and all, but I get one
day off each week and that sucks. I tried on the diamond
and sapphire necklace in Bailey Banks and Biddle that I've
been drooling over for months, it is absolutely incredible
but I do not have a spare $985 at the moment, not to
mention the $725 for the matching earrings. I need to be
rich. Now. Grrrr. Well maybe I'll settle for not being
isolated, that would be cool too....peace out my brothas...