It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-04 22:21:33 (UTC)

i want to start again

i don't really want to, i just DLed a song by the
bouncing souls.
i've been fighting with my mom, like ever since i got
home. i so need to get outta this fuckin house. right now,
im not mad at my mom. but i really want to ask if i can
move in with someone for the next few months. i really
wanna hit up lansing comm college next semester, but i
don't know if i can wait that long. im about to move into a
fuckin hotel. she's all, "then you can pay your own bills."
i know she's talking about like, utilities n shit, but i
fucking pay my own cell phone bill, credit cards, and i
never fucking ask her fat ass for money. i buy my own
clothes, my own food, my own gas. all she fuckin does is
let me live here. which is like, her job or something.
she's kinda right, i don't pay for the taurus, but fuck
that, no other kid round here has to. not like that's a
good thing. great, now i sound like a fucking prepped up
little bitch assed whiny mother fucker. she's always paid
for my car, never really bitched about it. maybe like, 2 or
3 times.
i guess she's got her point, but fuck that, im ready
to get the fuck outta here. me and my teenage mind, "ohh i
know everything" i know i don't, but at least let me make
my mistakes and my own decisions. i need to get outta here
and fast.


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