My Life!!!
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2002-09-04 21:49:20 (UTC)

a LiL'bout mE!

well my name is ray!!! lets see i'm a phillippino....which is an azn
pacific ISLANDER!! uhm... i'm 5'4 and a half, spiked black
hair, i weigh now about 150.... the sports i play are
WRESTLING and FOOTBALL. you can describe me as
a laid back person......because i just kick it most of the
time, or with my freinds! well i think that's almost
everything about me!!!!!!! o yea my luv life is sorta bad.........cuz
i don't have a girl... but i luv this one girLLLL.........she is all
i've been think'n of every single day.. oh well iight then. LATES


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